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At Rooney Real Estate Group, our team boasts an in-depth understanding of local and national property markets. We specialize in providing accurate, detailed reports that empower you to make well-informed property decisions. Our dedication to delivering comprehensive reports extends to both individual assets and property portfolios, often within tight timeframes. To ensure precision, we utilize sophisticated discounted cash flow techniques in conjunction with traditional valuation methods.

We offer valuation services covering various property types, including office spaces, industrial properties, retail establishments, retail warehousing, and residential units. With our extensive knowledge of both commercial and residential markets, we provide invaluable advice. Our services encompass capital and rental valuations, asset management guidance, and portfolio analysis. We cater to major institutional investors, banks, public entities, and private clients across a wide geographical area. Additionally, we hold representation on the majority of Bank Valuation panels, offering due diligence for secured lending purposes.


Our Range of Valuation Services

Whether you require a valuation for a single property or a complex portfolio, our team of seasoned Valuers efficiently covers the entire Republic of Ireland. Valuations are led by senior team members with a minimum of five years' post-qualification experience in conducting valuations. Our process incorporates rigorous quality assurance measures.

Our valuations draw on our team's market expertise, augmented by a profound understanding of local market conditions and our extensive property database. This database encompasses data from all property transactions in which we've been involved, across all levels, in addition to other market transactions.

Secured Lending

Our valuations team offers comprehensive and independent reports on property market conditions and property values, whether for a single property or an entire portfolio used as loan security. Our established methodology includes peer review of all valuations and access to our property database, replete with up-to-date market information. This combination results in more accurate, reliable valuations, delivered swiftly, to facilitate informed lending decisions. We are trusted by all major lenders in the Republic of Ireland, including Bank of Ireland, Finance Ireland, Ulster Bank Ireland DAC, KBC Bank Ireland Limited, and Legal & General Services.

Fund Valuation

Our fund valuation service caters to asset management companies and property investment funds, offering detailed insights into property holdings. We provide comprehensive services with bespoke reports, adhering to agreed schedules. This provides clients and stakeholders with a precise understanding of the fund's asset value at all times, forming the foundation for strategic property investment decisions. We adapt our reporting to your requirements, whether for annual, quarterly, or monthly valuations, delivering reports in a format tailored to your needs.


Investment & Acquisition

In a market characterised by limited stock and conservative lending practices, investors face the challenge of identifying suitable commercial property investment opportunities. Our expert, discreet, strategic advice grants you early access to non-traditional sources of commercial property market investments, including non-performing loan sales and distressed Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities structures. Whether you seek development or investment property, our seasoned advice can assist you in making well-informed decisions, supported by over 40 years of experience and an extensive business network.

Investment Disposals

Our discrete, strategic investment property advice is designed to help you achieve the best possible price for your property disposal. We guide you in selecting commercial properties that maximize your receipts and positively impact your remaining investments. Our advisory services encompass portfolio construction, marketing strategy, and suggested guide prices for assets earmarked for sale. We tailor a disposal solution to your specific needs, be it a formal tender process for complex development sales or the efficient route of private treaty sales. To enhance sale prices, we target the right buyers through our understanding of the Irish investment market, facilitating both broad marketing campaigns and discreet off-market transactions.

Probate Valuation

Our probate valuation service encompasses valuing an estate, including all owned assets at the time of the individual's passing, minus debts. This valuation serves multiple purposes, including probate applications, inheritance tax calculations, Capital Gains Tax assessments, debt settlements, and proper estate distribution. We provide a full valuation service for probate with sensitivity and consideration for all parties involved.


Other Valuation Services

We offer valuations for various other reasons, such as rental valuations for rent reviews, lease renewals, and surrenders. We also specialize in compulsory purchase valuations and assessment of compensation. Our expertise extends to commercial rateable valuations and appeals, involving property rate valuations and guidance on revaluations and appeals.

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