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About Rooney New Homes

We are seasoned experts in the realm of the new homes market, boasting an unparalleled wealth of experience and specialised insights cultivated over numerous years.

Our extensive expertise and market knowledge are sought after by a diverse clientele, including residential developers, house builders, private equity firms, asset managers, and pension funds. They turn to Rooney for top-tier sales, consultancy, and marketing guidance, all aimed at achieving high-quality results.

Whether you're a small, independent developer or a major corporation, you can expect the same level of expert advice from us. We provide invaluable insights on design, product mix, and layout, and we have the capability to craft customized marketing campaigns that will set your project apart.

Drawing from our decades of experience, we will expertly navigate the process, optimise your returns, and persist until we achieve the best possible outcomes for you.

In the West of Ireland, we have a substantial pool of thousands of registered prospective buyers for new-build properties. Rest assured, we possess the means to elevate the visibility of your development to an international audience.

Our commitment extends to securing successful transactions on your behalf, with a primary focus on maximising your profit margins.


Taylor’s Hill Road

Located just off Taylor’s Hill Road, Hazelwood is one of Galway’s most sought-after residential areas.


This project consisted of 82 large 3 and 4-bed detached homes built with paved driveways and mature landscaping.


Caireal Mor, Headford Road, Galway

Cairéal Mór is a residential development located on Headford Road in Galway City.


The development comprises 186 residential units, including townhouses and apartments and a number of commercial units,



Neighbourhood Village

Located in Ballybane on the Galway City Fringes.


The Ballybane Neighbourhood development comprised 216 mixed-tenure dwellings, a medical centre, 15 enterprise units, a resource centre, library and retail units.


New Build Services


Feasibility Analysis:

Development Management

Value Maximisation and Extraction

Residual Valuations

Market Analysis.

Off-Market Development Deals.

Development Agency

Site Disposals


Development Valuation

Marketing Strategy

General Market Intel

Residential Sales

Commercial Sales & Leasing.

Specialised Areas

New Homes

Filling Stations


Retail Units


Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes


Industrial Units

Development Sites

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