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Our Comprehensive Landlord and Tenant Services

At Rooney Real Estate Group, we offer an all-encompassing suite of services for both landlords and tenants, covering a wide spectrum of commercial property types. With over five decades of experience and a profound understanding of the intricate legal aspects of property statutes and case law, we provide expert guidance on rights and renewals.

Landlord and Tenant Relationships

Navigating the complex terrain of landlord and tenant relationships within business premises requires specialized expertise. Lease terms and rent review provisions have evolved into intricate arrangements that demand expert insight to safeguard financial and legal interests for all parties involved.

At Rooney Real Estate Group, we represent both landlords and tenants across various market sectors. With over forty years of specialized experience in this field, we have consistently delivered optimal outcomes for our clients.


Our Services

We leverage the latest market information, legal understanding, and legislative insights to deliver exceptional results

Landlord and Tenant Law Expertise:

The evolving landscape of Landlord and Tenant Law necessitates vigilant attention and expertise. Our skillful negotiation abilities are integral to our success.

Dispute Resolution:

We specialize in the negotiation and referral of disputes to the Courts, Arbitrators, or Independent Experts. Our Expert Witness services are renowned, with a proven track record in arbitration, expert testimony, and court representation.

Lease Advisory:

We offer expert advice on new and existing leases, renewals, surrenders, terminations, rent reviews, and rent reductions. Our expertise in drafting lease agreements and understanding the ever-changing legal landscape ensures clients receive the best guidance.

Rent Reviews:

Whether you are a landlord aiming to maximize rental increases or a tenant seeking to minimize proposed increases, our qualified experts possess the capacity to secure the best outcome. Our extensive database of comparable evidence, market trend analysis, and legal understanding enable us to navigate the complexities of rent reviews effectively.

Lease Renewals and Restructuring:

We provide guidance on the rights of renewal for new commercial lease tenancies and negotiate with counterpart valuers. Our wealth of experience in lease structures, relevant case law, and innovative approach methodologies ensures the best possible outcomes.

Commercial Lease Advisory:

We advise landlords and tenants on lease clauses, including break clauses, renunciation, review, and user clauses. Our services cater to large corporate entities, providing them with insights into recent Landlord & Tenant Legislation and Case Law to facilitate upscaling or downscaling.

Arbitration and Expert Determination:

We are well-versed in third-party appeal procedures determined by Independent Experts or Arbitration. Our expertise lies in preparing effective summaries of evidence, counter-submissions, and articulate arguments during oral hearings.

Advisory Report Service:

Our commercial lease advisory service assesses current leases in the context of clients' future plans. We advise corporations on lease structures, facilitate restructuring, and provide guidance on Commercial Lease Tenancies in light of recent legislation and case law.

This comprehensive advisory service is pivotal for strategic planning, expansion, and asset value maximization for landlords, as well as overcoming lease impediments for tenants.

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