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Navigating compulsory purchase orders can be a complex endeavour, but with a track record of successfully handling thousands of cases over the last number of decades, Rooney Real Estate Group is the expert team to spearhead this process.

Compulsory purchase orders entail government entities acquiring privately held properties to facilitate major infrastructure projects, such as roads, rail lines, and water schemes. Rooney Real Estate Group possesses the precise knowledge and expertise needed to manage each case with efficiency and sensitivity.

For over five decades, Rooney Real Estate Group has provided guidance and representation to both acquiring entities and private property owners impacted by these orders. We approach each case with an open-minded perspective, drawing from our extensive experience.

Our involvement spans from presenting evidence at arbitrations to pursuing appeals in the High Court, affording us comprehensive insight into the intricacies of these matters from all perspectives.

Previous Projects

Our track record is extensive having been involved in key infrastructural projects such as:

  • N6 Galway to East Ballinasloe(M6)

  • N6 Multi-Modal Transport Corridor

  • N67 Kinvara to Ballinderreen

  • N18 Gort to Crusheen Dual Carriageway

  • N59 Moycullen Bypass

  • N15 Sligo to County Boundary Road Project

  • N15 Sligo Urban Road Improvement

  • N6 Eastern Approach Road

  • N56 Dungloe to Glenties

  • N56 Leitirmacaward to Glenties

  • N63 Galway – Roscommon Road Improvement Scheme

  • N17 Galway– Sligo (Castletown) Road Upgrade Project

  • R336 Rossaveal Road Improvement Project

  • R351 Loughrea– Woodford Road Improvement Project

  • Costello Regional Water Supply Scheme

  • Clonbur Regional Water Supply Scheme

Our Services

At Rooney Real Estate Group, we specialize in navigating the intricate domain of compulsory acquisition, where the assessment of compensation is rooted in 16 statutory rules and relevant case law. As seasoned Chartered Surveyors, we play a pivotal role in evaluating compensation for landowners affected by compulsory acquisitions.


When representing the State, our role encompasses assessing the impact and advising on the compensation owed to affected property owners. Conversely, when advocating for property owners, we meticulously assess the ramifications and proficiently submit compensation claims on their behalf. Our commitment extends to negotiation on behalf of affected property and landowners, ensuring they receive their full entitlement to compensation.


The assessment of compensation typically encompasses several categories of claims, which may include:

  1. Value of Land Acquired

  2. Diminution of Value of the Retained Lands, if Any

  3. Costs Resulting from Acquisition

  4. Disturbance (Permanent & Temporary)

  5. Loss of Profits or Goodwill

  6. Loss or Depreciation of Stock in Trade

  7. Professional Fees Necessary for Acquisition


Accommodation Works

Agreements on compensation often encompass an extensive roster of accommodation works. These may encompass diverse aspects, including but not limited to boundary fencing, replacement of boundary walls (applicable to both residential and commercial properties), water supply connectivity, drainage solutions, septic tank and percolation area relocations, noise abatement measures, double glazing, and more.

The importance of specialized guidance in accommodating these works cannot be overstated. It entails assessing mitigation measures for disturbance, scrutinizing accommodation maps and schedules, and ensuring that all aspects of accommodation are comprehensively addressed.

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