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At Rooneys we always achieve the best possible outcome with the use of modern techniques and technologies, whilst maintaining our traditional values and integrity.


The company is subdivided into four divisions:

- Property Agency

- Professional Services

- Property Management

- Dispute Resolution.


Rooneys hold a unique combination of local market knowledge, qualifications, experience and entrepreneurial flair to ensure our clients receive an unparalleled service.

We believe in gaining our clients trust & exceeding their expectations.



At Rooneys we pride ourselves in our transparency.

All terms & fees are agreed from the outset & each client is provided with transparent updates throughout the process.


Rooney’s was established in 1970 and has since grown into one of the leading property & real estate companies in Galway and throughout the west of Ireland.


We have always been a company that leads rather than follows

24/7 Service

At Rooneys we have acquired modern & unique technology to ensure you can contact us at any given time via our website.

Rooneys Services

We are involved in all types of commercial property from Offices, Retail and Industrial units to Hotels, Pub and Development sites. As with all other departments our focus is, above all, on identifying our clients’ objectives and delivering on our promise to satisfy them.

Our expertise and reputation for negotiation is of paramount importance to us in addition to our qualifications and knowledge of the commercial market.

Our Clients



"We have been engaged with Rooneys on a various projects over a number of years, and over that time we have found Rooneys level of efficiency and professionalism to be second to none. In our experience, Rooneys strive to achieve the highest possible standards for their clients, they act diligently and with integrity at all times, and it is a pleasure to do business with them.”

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