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Our team offer up-to-date knowledge of local and national property markets, and provide the accurate, detailed reports that will help make fully informed property decisions. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide detailed reports on both single assets and portfolios of property, often within tight timescales. We use complex discounted cash flow techniques, together with traditional valuation methods.

We offer valuations for all properties including the mainstream asset classes of office, industrial, retail, retail warehousing and residential. Our depth of knowledge in both the commercial and residential markets allows us to provide invaluable advice in this respect. Capital and rental valuations, asset management advice and portfolio analysis are provided to major institutional investors, banks, public bodies and private clients across a wide geographical area. We are also represented on the majority of Bank Valuation panels offering due diligence for secured lending purposes.

We provide advice to private clients and financial institutions, state and semi-state bodies, local authorities and corporate bodies throughout the Republic of Ireland. Our commercial valuations team provides a full spectrum of professional valuation services.

We are also retained by a number of local authorities and state bodies as professional valuation advisors on a range of commercial schemes and projects ranging from local authority housing, major transport infrastructural projects to harbour and marine related developments and industrial schemes.


Our Services Whether valuing a single property or a complex portfolio, our team of Valuers can be deployed efficiently across the Republic of Ireland. Valuations are led by a senior member of our team – with at least five years’ experience, post qualification, conducting valuations – and follow a process with rigorous quality assurance built in. ​ Our valuations are based on both our team’s market knowledge as well as an in-depth understanding of local market conditions and the core information held in our property database. This holds the data generated from all the property transactions in which we have been involved, at any level, in addition to all other property market transactions within the market place. ​ Secured Lending Our valuations team can provide lenders with a comprehensive and independent report of the market and sale and rental value of a property or entire portfolio offered as loan security. We have an established, consistent methodology including peer review of all valuations, and – in our own property database – a deep pool of up-to-date market information to draw upon. The result more accurate and reliable valuations, delivered faster, to facilitate informed lending decisions. ​ This combination of expertise and resources has earned us places on the valuation panels of all of the major lenders in the Republic of Ireland, including Bank of Ireland, Finance Ireland, Ulster Bank Ireland DAC, KBC Bank Ireland Limited, and Legal & General Services. ​ Fund Valuation Our fund valuation service gives asset management companies and property investment funds the detailed information demanded from astute property holdings. ​ We provide a comprehensive service with bespoke reports delivered to an agreed schedule, giving the client and their stakeholders an accurate understanding of the fund’s asset value at all times. That in turn provides the basis for strategic property investment decisions. ​ We will shape our services to meet your reporting requirements – whether that means annual, quarterly or monthly valuations. Reports will be delivered in an agreed format, tailored to your needs. We use a consistent methodology, facilitating comparison from one period to the next, and deliver to an agreed schedule to help you manage communications with your stakeholders. Our methods of reporting are tailored to the resources of individual clients so that you have full control over scope and costs involved. For example, we look to create cost savings by undertaking “grouped inspections” where possible to reduce travel costs; we also make use of our affiliate offices in Dublin and Limerick where appropriate. Investment & Acquisition In a market where stock is limited and lenders are resistant to taking write downs on their debt, it is a challenge for investors to identify suitable commercial property investment opportunities. ​ To meet return on investment targets, investors need early access to non-traditional sources of commercial property market investment – for example non-performing loan sales and collapsed Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities structures. ​ If you are looking to acquire development or investment property, our expert, discrete, strategic advice can help. We provide asset selection strategies and access to distressed stock so you can deploy capital in a timely manner to meet stakeholder demands. ​ Across the regional markets, we monitor lease breaks, which commercial property is currently vacant and which occupiers are looking to move and where. ​ This makes our advice better informed and accurate and the solutions we recommend more reliable, yielding better results for you. ​ Our insight comes from over 40 years experience in the commercial property market and the relationships and extensive business network we have developed nationally and internationally over the past four decades. Our information is well informed and we will use it to help create an investment strategy for your portfolio. Investment Disposals Our expert, discrete, strategic investment property advice will help you get the best possible price for your disposal. ​ If you are considering releasing capital from your portfolio, it’s important that you choose the right commercial properties to maximise your receipts and have the best impact on your remaining investment properties. ​ We will advise on the construction of your investment portfolio, your marketing strategy and what we expect your guide price should be for any assets you decide to sell. ​ If you are considering disposing of an investment property, to secure the best price within your desired timescale, it is essential that you utilise the right method of sale to target the right audience. We will design a disposal solution to meet your specific needs – whether that is a formal tender process for complex development sales to the more efficient route offered by the traditional method of private treaty sales. ​ To maximise your sale price, you need to market the property to the right buyers, Our understanding of the Irish investment market helps us to target buyers for both wide marketing campaigns or discreet off-market transactions. ​ Probate The probate valuation of an estate includes everything the person owned at the time of their death, minus any debts that they had. ​ You need to value the estate for several reasons:

  • a value of the estate is needed to make the probate application

  • whether or not inheritance tax needs to be paid (and how much if so) will depend on the value of the estate

  • individual assets need to be valued in order to calculate the Capital Gains Tax on any assets that have increased in value since the death

  • valuing the estate makes it possible to ensure that debts are paid and the estate is correctly distributed to the beneficiaries

The gross value of the estate is the total value of all assets. It is the value of the estate before deducting mortgages, funeral expenses and debts. The net estate value is the gross estate minus liabilities, such as debts and funeral expenses, before Inheritance Tax exemptions have been applied. ​ We provide a full valuation service for probate dealing respectfully and with consideration for those involved. Other We carry out valuations for a wide range of other reasons including;

  • Rental Valuations for rent reviews, lease renewals and surrenders - See Services Section on Landlord & Tenant

  • Compulsory Purchase Valuation and assessment of compensation., We provide a full service in CPOs acting for both the state and property owners on road schemes in Galway, Limerick, Sligo, Donegal. See Services Section on CPO

  • Commercial Rateable Valuation and appeal. We value the rates for the property and advise then on revaluations and appeals. See Services section on Rates

Testimonials “Rooneys did a great job on a property valuation for my company. They have a great understanding of the commercial property market in Galway and delivered a fair and accurate valuation in a short timeframe. It's great to have such a professional and competent team available locally.” Tony Killarney


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